Character Creation

You are going to be creating apprentices who are accompanying Doctor L. Clark Eon, a Society of Ether Master on a rocket trip to Mars on July 2nd 1999 to visit Doisstep for training in Dimensional Science/Spirit and to attend a special gathering at Doisstep on July 4th. Characters should be between the ages of 7 and 29 years old, most of whom have only awakened in the last few years, and are relatively new to the Traditions.

If someone wishes they can be the exception to the rule: they might wish to play a Technocrat defector (and if you do, you gain two extra attribute dots that represent cybernetic enhancements, however if you choose to be the defector you also count as a sleeper while on Earth, where you can witness your own as well as others vulgar effects).  

  • Attributes: 1 dot in each free; then 6/4/3. Please pick a favorite attribute. No attribute besides the favorite can exceed 3 before freebie points. 
  • Abilities: 13/9/5 dots. No ability should exceed 3 before freebie points (unless you're the exception; see above).
  • Backgrounds: 7 dots, all characters must take 1 dot and no more than 1 dot in Avatar. 
  • Spheres: 6 dots, the first going to your Affinity Sphere, no more than 3 dots in any Sphere (you can only have as many dots in a Sphere as you have dots in Arete anyway)
  • Arete: 1
  • Willpower: 5
  • Quintessence: Avatar rating
  • Paradox: 0
  • Freebies: 15 points

    Freebie Point Costs
  • Attribute 5 per dot
  • Ability 2 per dot
  • Background 1 per dot
  • Sphere 7 per dot
  • Arete 4 per dot (Max. Total: 3)
  • Willpower 2 per dot (Note the M20 book specifies it as 1 per dot, but for this game it cost 2).
  • Quintessence 4 dots per 1 point
  • Merit cost as per Merit. You cannot take the Stormwarden merit.
  • Flaw bonus as per Flaw (Any two flaws)

Character Creation

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