Get Yourself to Mars!

You recently awoke as if from a dream, and now you see that the world that you've lived in all your life seems to be in truth the dream and you are lucidly aware that you can change elements of the dream by force of will. You have been recruited by archaic sages that wear the trappings of new age wizards and cast spells. You have adopted their strange Traditions, and are being trained to take up the mantle of an Ascension Warrior fighting for the future of all humanity. 

As the next step in your training, you have journeyed to 600 North East Candelaria road in Albuquerque, New Mexico to meet with Doctor Lewis Clark Eon, and go on a sort of retreat with the good doctor that is expected to last a week as he teaches you to perceive as he puts it "esoteric quantum vibrations," or as one of your masters put it: "other dimensions." 

Preludes and dreamscapes

On a bright and cold Saturday morning you arrive at the doctor's desert lab in the middle of Albuquerque, just off Interstate 25, the three story building has an attached silo that towers above the surrounding Albuquerque cityscape. Upon reaching the manicured lawn you are ushered inside a door that has the words "Meliora te ipsum," inscribed over it by a hirsute gardener with fading red hair, who brings you out of the chill and into the swelter of the doctors lab. Every room of the laboratory  is choked by a tangle of brass and bronze boiler pipes leaking a steady stream of whistling steam.  

As the clouds of steam clear, you can see the doctor, a muscled gorilla of a man in brass goggles and a lab coat as well as four other odd strangers but the gardener is no where to be seen. 

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Like Tears in Rain

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